Funeral Trusts

Attention Elder Law Attorneys

Are you protecting your clients with Funeral Trusts?
If you are not, someone else is.

Irrevocable Funeral Trusts (IFTs) are one of the only ways to protect assets in a Long Term Care (LTC) event, especially when your client is facing Medicaid Spend Down.

If you are referring your clients to a funeral home to prepay their funeral arrangements, you may be doing a disservice to them. That funeral home might not be there when your client passes. PreFunded funeral plans for the children are even more at risk as it could be 20 or 30 years before needing the funds. Will they still be in the same community, the same state? Funeral Trusts are portable to all 50 states, and give your clients more options and better protection. Help Protect Their Future, Today!


What we do

We work with Elder Law Attorneys to help their clients protect their assets in a Long Term Care event.

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Why we do it

Helping our greatest generation..... Our parents worked hard to provide us with the best education and future, this is our time to make sure we protect their future today!

Who we help

Anyone facing a Long Term Care (LTC) event. Is your client facing the loss of their assets due to a LTC event?

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